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Forty-nine years ago, A-1 Pioneer was just a dream for Douglas E. Bagley. He bought a small, fourteen-year old local moving company with three small trucks. Doug’s dream was to have a business that would enable him to dedicate his time and business acumen to improving lives. A-1 Pioneer has provided that vehicle to be able to assist people– whether it’s helping them move, providing long-term jobs for dedicated employees, or helping individuals via philanthropic opportunities. Along the journey, Mr. Bagley has created a well-respected moving company that has received numerous awards for excellence.


A-1 Pioneer strives to be the moving company in Utah recognized for the lowest claims for personal injury and furniture damage. In addition, they have worked to earn the reputation for always treating Utahns courteously, fairly, and with respect. In 2000, A-1 Pioneer had the lowest claims in the entire Bekins Van Lines system for damage to furniture. The company also won the lowest claims award from Global Van Lines, Paul Arpin Van Lines, and Wheaton Van Lines. Last year, Workers Compensation Fund paid the company over $20,000 in refunds for having fewer worker compensation injuries and vehicle accidents. Over half that amount was distributed among the employees to incentivize them to be vigilant for safety.

Treating customers courteously, respectfully, and fairly has resulted in employees receiving generous tips (one day last year two movers each received $750.00). The consistent number of employees receiving tips is a strong indicator of customer satisfaction.

A-1 Pioneer has earned the recognition of being the official mover of the State of Utah for over fourteen years. Because of the company’s stellar reputation, they have moved the State of Utah archives, Horace Sorenson’s collection of Pioneer Village to Lagoon, collections (on-going) at the University of Utah Marriott Library, the Utah Jazz to the Delta Center in a weekend, and Morris Travel employees (425) without disruption in its 24/7 reservation service. O.C. Tanner recently selected A-1 Pioneer to move it’s prized retail jewelry store, and the move was accomplished with no damage to the fine objects of art sold there! No job is too big nor too small for A-1 Pioneer.

All customers are treated respectfully, and all treasures, whether they are historical archives or personal heirlooms, are treated as cherished valuables. It is not surprising that in 1995, A-1 Pioneer Moving and Storage was the featured award winner for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce representing Utah for Blue Chip Enterprise Award.


A “wow” factor now adorns each of the A-1 Moving and Storage moving trucks. Ordinary trucks have been turned into “smile” generators as stunning Utah scenery, photographed by award winning photographer John Telford is displayed on the sides of three of its forty-five moving vans. Plans are ongoing to complete decorating the fleet. This is only the beginning of the high quality innovations that are provided by A-1 Pioneer. Full-time, never casual, movers; 100% access to President, Douglas E. Bagley; the loan of wardrobe cartons (no cost for customers); and the use of air-filled bladders to protect items in drawers are only a few of the conveniences provided to customers. A-1 Pioneer was the first Utah moving company to offer portable self-storage units and to provide a portable forklift to move the storage units from the warehouse to people’s driveways.

In 1999, A-1 Pioneer introduced reusable plastic moving boxes secured with velcro. The warehouse is designed to pamper furniture with heat and air conditioning. Containers are wood, which do not heat up like metal containers. A-1 Pioneer has the only cantilever shelving system in Utah for storage of sofas, chairs, and upholstered furniture. Every item is shrink-wrapped and clearly separated from other items. Kitchens are the core of the home, and over one million people have had the opportunity to have their entire kitchen, on a local level, back on the shelf in one and one-half hours, including drive time. This is innovation. In thirty-nine years, not one person has called back to say that something was broken in their kitchen belongings. We are about assisting people.


Quality for A-1 Moving and Storage means superior service, top equipment, and generous sharing of the company assets in service to others. In order to better serve Utahns and to promote our state, to our knowledge, we are the first company to wrap a commercial van with Utah scenes. We celebrate Utah’s beauty. Mike Deaver at the Utah Tourism Department said, “I’m glad he (Bagley) has that kind of passion. If every company got that passionate and tried to promote the state like that, who knows what we could do?” We participate in supporting athletes for employment from Weber State, University of Utah, B.Y.U., and the Olympic Park by offering them summer employment. We donate the transportation of football equipment for the Uiversity of Utah to their games nationwide.

For the past fourteen years, we have transported football equipment to the out-of-state games in a truck wrapped with the accomplishments of the team. We have helped finance skeleton and bobsled athletes at the Olympic Park in Park City since 2001, and we have assisted by donating the shipping of athletes’ equipment to and from all venues in the world. We have also supported the National Abilities Center in their quest for participation in bobsled activities by financing individuals as drivers and brakemen for their members. These volunteers carefully lift and assist paraplegic and amputee victims in and out of the bobsleds. Officially, we are the host for the Russian and Ukrainian luge, skeleton, and bobsled teams. We assist in housing, travel, cooking, and touring for these international teams, as well as storage equipment for the U.S. Bobsled Federation and its members for free. In the 1990’s, we donated land usage, food, clothing, and restroom facilities to the homeless underneath the 5th and 6th south off and on ramps in Salt Lake City.

Since its beginning in 1973, we have provided the trucking transportation at no cost for the Festival of the Trees. We have donated the space for storage for wheelchairs for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and in 1995 we headed up a campaign in Park City to load a furniture van full of supplies to assist Hurricane Andrew victims in Florida. Over 20,000 pounds of diapers, paper goods, and other articles were delivered to the homeless population within one week. We are grateful for the opportunities that we have had to use equipment, time, and our resources to assist others. It’s important to be aware of how we can constantly make Utah a better place with our energy and talents.