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Let Us Take the Hassle Out of Moving in Salt Lake City

Are you planning to move out? The first thing you need to do is to keep the clutter at bay. By sorting out the things you want to keep and throwing out the rest, you’re in for a smoother move. What’s more, you’ve already done half the job of keeping your new place organized because you no longer have to classify which ones are clutter and those that are not.

You can start with the bills and other piles of paper strewn around your home. Got DVDs you no longer use? Get rid of them too. Don’t let your old mess rob you of space in your new place. If you’re looking forward to a neat and orderly new home, start out by clearing the litter in your old place. Here are quick tips to clear out the old mess.

Start by identifying the hotspots. Kitchen counters, bathrooms, living areas, and attic are just some of the crucial areas where chaos can quickly build up. Piles of bills, mail, and other papers are usually stacked on top of the kitchen counter or living room. Old newspapers and magazines are also a staple in the living area. You can also find containers of old cream, shampoos, razor blades, and similar items in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Once you’ve identified these areas, take a basket and fill it up with the clutter. You can sort these objects out later. In the meantime, clear them out to free these spaces in your home. Here are some of the things you may want to do away with; you can unload them by giving away to charity, sell it, or simply throw it in the trash.


You probably have outdated electronics at home that you no longer use. Busted TVs, old DVD players, old PCs, non-operational cassette players, and the like can occupy lots of space, and there’s a huge chance they’re not in for a big comeback. You don’t need them in your new home.

Old Paperwork

Almost every home has them: bills, flyers you got at the mall, invoices, and receipts. There’s a big chance you no longer need to keep them. But make sure you scan them before classifying them as litter. Store the important documents in a cabinet or box.

Old Mattresses and Bedding

If it’s already aged ten years old, perhaps it’s time to retire your old stuff. Go through your effects and check which pillows, blankets, and mattresses should hit the sack. Old towels and curtains may also need to go or be recycled.

Expired Medication and Vitamin Supplements

When you no longer need them, or they’ve gone beyond the expiry date, safely dispose of these items. You don’t want kids to get hold of them. That’s just dangerous.

Unused Nail Polish, Makeup, Other Cosmetic Products

You don’t need to fill up your bathroom or drawer space with dried-up cosmetic products. Toss out the old polish or lipstick. The same goes for your coat hangers; you don’t need that much metal in your closet.

Chipped or Broken Stuff

Do you need that broken vase or chipped glass? If you never use them anymore, perhaps it’s time to retire the old stuff, so it’s out they go.

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