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The relocation of an office involves coordinating many employees and often multiple departments to ensure the transition is smooth and the business experiences very little downtime, if any. For this reason, planning and preparation are key, and the right office movers in Salt Lake City can help to ease the process. Now is not the time to hire college students off the street, as doing so could cost the business customers, if things aren’t handled properly. This does not have to be the situation, however.

The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Office Movers In Salt Lake City

Doing So Saves Time

Any time employees are tasked with handling the details of a move, overall productivity tends to come to a halt. This is one job they don’t take on regularly, so they don’t know how to complete it in an efficient manner. The risk of unexpected issues and glitches goes up significantly when the process is handled in-house, therefore it’s best to leave the move to the professionals and allow staff members to focus on their regular duties, ones they can carry out in a timely way.

Professional Movers Save A Company Money

This may appear to be a contradiction, as the company must pay the office movers in Salt Lake City to handle the relocation. Hiring a professional moving company does save money, however, and this is the number one benefit for the majority of businesses. When a company opts to take on this task alone, efficiency is often sacrificed. Also, equipment may be damaged, if it is not handled properly during the move, and this could lead to additional downtime for the organization. Professional movers bring the specialized equipment and experience needed to ensure this isn’t the case and that the relocation is completed in the shortest time possible.

Stress Levels Decrease When a Moving Company Is Used

Relocating an office tends to come with a large amount of stress. Poor planning on the part of those organizing the move contributes to this tension, and employees may find they are having more disagreements thanks to the increase in their workload.

Professional movers in Salt Lake City help those within the company in charge of the move plan and prepare for it to keep stress at a minimum. As a result, everyone in the organization benefits.

Tips For Making The Move Easier

Employees often keep personal items at work, and no one wants these items to be misplaced during the move. Provide each employee with a box that has their name on it and allow them to pack their items the day of the move. This prevents issues from developing during the relocation, and any precious or valuable items should go home with the employee and be returned to the office once everything is in place.

Provide employees with a floor plan of the new location, so they know exactly where their items will go after the move. The office movers need to have a copy of this plan also, as this allows them to put boxes in the appropriate locations.

Offer employees the opportunity to take their boxes to a designated spot. Be sure to provide them with the necessary tools to move the boxes, such as hand carts. If a box is heavy, however, it’s often best to leave it for the moving company.

Any items in desks, credenzas, storage cabinets, file cabinets and more should be boxed up. Although it may seem easier to move these things with the contents in place, as this would reduce the amount of time needed to unpack and organize the new office, it increases the likelihood of items being misplaced or lost entirely. The extra time spent packing these items will be worth it in the long run.

Use labels to alert movers to where each piece of furniture is to be put in the new office. This helps to minimize confusion on the day of the move. If there are multiple rooms in the new location, it’s wise to use a different color for each room, when possible. This allows the movers to quickly identify what goes where and will reduce the amount of time needed for the actual move, which in turn provides more time for setting everything up in the new office.

Over the years, A-1 Pioneer Moving and Storage has handled thousands of commercial relocations and understands exactly what goes on in a move of this type. The well-educated staff members interact professionally with all levels of management at the firm that is relocating and will address any questions and concerns that arise during the move. Our company provides the tools needed to handle sensitive electronic equipment along with office furniture.

We recognize that the move needs to be conducted in a timely manner that is convenient for the business owner. This helps to ensure the minimal disruption when it comes to normal operations of the organization. We provide both weekend and after-hours moving services for this reason. Furthermore, we ensure all items are placed where the client desire and work with this client to determine the appropriate locations before any item is moved. Call us today to learn more about how we can be of assistance to you, as we want your move to run smoothly from start to finish.