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Indoor Temperature Controlled Storage

Portable Self-Storage:

We recognize in today’s world, there are so many alternatives for your storage requirements.  If you are in the market for a storage unit – consider the great benefits a portable storage unit offers:

Ease  Among the enormous benefits of a portable storage unit is the convenience. As opposed to a traditional unit, portable storage units can be delivered directly to your home or office.  You pack the container or hire us and we’ll have full-time professionals load them for you. Whether we deliver your receptacle to your apartment, home,construction site or more, you have the capacity to load each crate with the comfort and ease of staying right where you are.  This allows you the additional benefit of being sure you know exactly how much you are able to pack into each unit without worrying if you have enough room or not. If you need additional space – simply give us a call  and we can easily deliver another storage unit.   

Comfortable Transport Once your storage unit has been packed and is ready to be stored, we will come and pick it up.  This saves you additional wear and tear on  your vehicle having to make several trips to a storage facility or the added burden of renting a moving truck then having to load and unload it. It also means your items are only handled once reducing the possibility of broken or misplaced articles.  Your unit is loaded and then transferred exactly as you packed it to the storage site.  The best part is knowing how easily your packed things can be brought to where you are waiting to unload them, simple to transport to storage and simple to transport back to you, all with portable storage.

Safe  Our portable storage units give you all of the same protection a traditional unit affords.  They are stored in a temperature controlled environment – utilizing both heat and air conditioning. It is equipped with alarms for security and a sprinkling system for additional protection.  We routinely use a dust spray against insects and rodents.   You always have full access to your container.

Cost When you opt for using portable storage, you only paying for the cost to store your container.  It is by far one of the cheapest ways to move. There is no paying  to rent a moving truck, which also includes the costs of gas- which can be costly if you plan to move any distance.  You don’t need to consider hiring movers which charge by the hour,.  A portable storage unit charges a flat fee for each container – it doesn’t matter if you pack it full of cement bags or pills, the cost is the same.  This helps you budget in the actual cost of your move or storage costs without the worry of hidden fees.   

Versatility One of the greatest benefits to portable storage is the provided versatility. Should the need arises for you to move your unit on-site, it is easy to do so. This is a bonus for construction sites who may need some extra space for equipment or tools specific to a project.  Our large wooden containers are 5′ x 7′ x 7′ tall with weather proof covers.   It’s also helpful if your home has been destroyed by a storm and you need a temporary place to house your possessions while repairs are being made.No matter how you choose to utilize portable storage, it provides an alternative that gives you options with added versatility.

If you are preparing for a move or simply looking for additional storage – consider using our portable storage units.  You’ll be glad you did!