The Pie Hole in Salt Lake City

The Pie Hole. Weird phrase right? It’s actually the name of one of my favorite restaurants in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is right downtown off of South State Street and University Boulevard. It is also conveniently right off the Trax station. Because it is so central in Salt Lake I feel like it would be really busy all of the time, but one of the reasons that I love this place is that it’s not. It is kind of a little nook and cranny place that the college scene is really huge about but not a lot of other people go there. It is a really cool little place though. You can buy pizza by the slice or a whole pizza. It’s got a lot of random decor and tons of cans stacked on top of the walls. The walls are all covered in graffiti or other word art from local artists or even employees. Speaking of the employees, they are all so nice, and definitely the hipster type that the store attracts. Each time you go in there they give you a nice welcome and genuinely are interested in what you are up to and how things are. I have never met a mean employee there.

There are a lot of fun little nook and cranny places all over Salt Lake, and Salt Lake County in general. Right around the corner from The Pie Hole is a heavy metal shop and a bar called empty space. They are just fun named places with their hipster game on point. The last time I went to The Pie hole it was pretty busy which was surprising because it was almost a blizzard outside. A couple of friends and I were walking around Temple Square and looking at the Temple Lights because they are beautifully displayed all around the whole block, and we were starving. It was really late at night though so we weren’t sure what was still going to be open. We wanted to try the Chick-fil-A at the City Creek Mall, but the mall had just started closing and we didn’t want to be those people who show up right before you close the door. We started suggesting a bunch of other places but none of us could agree on what type of food we wanted. We did know, however, that we didn’t want cheap fast food. Eventually, after I talked up The Pie Hole pretty well, we decided on that.

When we got there my friends were a little thrown off because they hadn’t ever been to a place like that before, but they were welcomed in with that same kind attitude I mentioned earlier. We each got 2-3 slices of pizza of all different types, and not one of them had any complaints and have all gone back many times. So if you are looking for a fun and inexpensive place to eat in Salt Lake City, I would definitely recommend checking out The Pie Hole. It will be well worth your time and money. Not to mention, your taste buds will love you.

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