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Are you are looking for a top moving company in Salt Lake City? Well you’ve come to the right place. Not only are we a Salt Lake City moving company, but we’re one of the best moving companies. Our quality and dedication to the moving business has ranked us among the best movers in Utah.  Find out today why so many Utah residents rely on A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to working with you!

About Us

Over 50 years ago, Doug Bagley had a dream of owning a business that would allow him to dedicate his time to improving lives. His dream came true when he bought a small, fourteen-year-old local moving company with three small trucks. Now they are the top Salt Lake City movers. Whether he is helping people move, providing long-term jobs for dedicated employees, or serving others, A-1 Pioneer Moving & Storage has fulfilled his dream. Along the journey, Doug has created a well-respected moving company you & your family can count on for decades.

What Makes Us Different

  • Our movers have an average tenure of over 10 years
  • We don't overbook
  • When you call, you will speak with a live person.
  • We offer the truck size necessary for your move
  • We provide moving & storage options to fit your budget
  • if you're packing yourself, we offer tips to save you money
  • After the move, we will work to resolve any issues you may have
  • We offer a variety of Valuation Protection for your belongings.

Why Hire A Professional?

  • Our Movers have extensive training and experience in proper packing & loading
  • Have Peace of mind knowing your valuables are handled by experienced movers
  • Eliminates risk of injury to yourself and those you convinced to help you.
  • Reduces stress associated with moving
  • Saves you time and energy
  • Eliminates the hassle of coordinating and scheduling
  • Reduces damage caused by improper packing, storing and moving.

Choose The Best Salt Lake City Moving Company


A-1 Pioneer strives to be the moving company in Utah recognized for the lowest claims for personal injury and furniture damage. In addition, our Salt Lake City movers have worked to earn the reputation for always treating Utahans courteously, fairly, and with respect.  A1 Pioneer has won the lowest claims awards from Global Van Lines, Paul Arpin Van Lines, and Wheaton World Wide Moving.

A-1 Pioneer has earned the recognition of being the official local movers of the State of Utah for over fourteen years. Because of the company’s stellar reputation, they have moved the State of Utah Archives, Horace Sorenson’s collection of Pioneer Village to Lagoon, and collections (on-going) at the University of Utah Marriott Library. In addition, they moved the Utah Jazz to the Delta Center in a weekend, and Morris Travel employees (425) without disruption in its 24/7 reservation service. O.C. Tanner recently selected A-1 Pioneer to move its prized retail jewelry store, and the movers accomplished it with no damage to the fine objects of art sold there!


A “wow” factor now adorns each of the A-1 Pioneer moving trucks. Ordinary trucks have been turned into “smile” generators as stunning Utah scenery. Photographs by award-winning photographer John Telford are displayed on the sides of three of its forty-five moving vans. Plans are ongoing to complete decorating the fleet. This is only the beginning of the high-quality innovations that are provided by A-1 Pioneer. A full-time, never casual, salt lake moving company with 100% access to President, Douglas E. Bagley.  There are a few conveniences that are provided to customers. For example, they loan wardrobe cartons at no cost to customers. As well as having air-filled bladders to protect items in drawers. Additionally, A-1 Pioneer was the first Utah moving company to offer portable self-storage units. Equally important they provide a portable forklift to move the storage units from the warehouse to people’s driveways.

Our warehouse is designed to pamper furniture with heat and air conditioning. Containers are wood, which does not heat up like metal containers. A-1 Pioneer has the only cantilever shelving system in Utah for the storage of sofas, chairs, and upholstered furniture. For instance, every item is shrink-wrapped and clearly separated from other items. Kitchens are the core of the home. Over one million people have had the opportunity to have their entire kitchen, on a local level, back on the shelf within an hour and a half. This also is including drive time. Not only is this innovation, but we are also about assisting people.


Quality for A-1 Moving and Storage means superior service. Likewise, they provide skilled salt lake movers and only use top equipment. Equally important is their generous sharing of the company assets in service to others. Further, in order to better serve Utahans and to promote our state, to our knowledge, we are the first company to wrap a commercial van with Utah scenes. We celebrate Utah’s beauty. Mike Deaver at the Utah Tourism Department said, “I’m glad he (Bagley) has that kind of passion. If every company got that passionate and tried to promote the state like that, who knows what we could do?”

Best Movers In Ogden, Roy, And Salt Lake City Area

A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage has the experience, knowledge, and attention to detail to handle any type of move. We specialize in Salt Lake local moves, short distance moves, and long-distance moves. When it comes time for your next move, rely on Salt Lake’s best moving company, A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage. Out of all the local moving companies, it’s safe to say we’re the moving company of choice. For more information or to speak with one of our moving specialists, call today at (801) 328-4796 or fill out our online free quote form. We’ll see you on moving day!


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