Moving Tips

Making a Move ?

Whether you’re looking to have us fully pack and move your home or just move the heavy furniture, we can help.  Planning ahead will help make your move less stressful and a more positive experience. Here are a few helpful tips and techniques to make your move a little easier.


  • Decide what you want your movers to do: we offer many services to choose from
  • Contact our moving company as soon as possible
  • Schedule your move at least 2-4 weeks in advance
  • Make a checklist and have a timeline to monitor progress
  • Start the packing process early to reduce stress down the road
  • Go through your belongings and donate non-essential items
  • Label your boxes: mark boxes containing important items
  • The more you pack yourself, the less you pay


    • Schedule moving services at least 2-4 weeks in advance
    • Plan to be at home while the movers are there
    • Keep pets away from the moving crew to prevent injuries
    • Unplug all electronics
    • Disconnect and drain all large appliances
    • Drain any fuel, oil or antifreeze from lawncare equipment.
    • Avoid packing: liquids, flammables, ammunition, batteries, paint, propane, aerosols, candles, propane & pressurized tanks.