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Best Piano Storage Salt Lake Can Offer

If you own a piano and are planning to relocate to a new town, an expert’s help will be valuable. Rely on the Professionals for Piano Storage Salt Lake.  As suggested by professional movers, it is recommended to always appoint a professional in the case of long-distance relocations. They not only help in properly dissembling the piano but also can prevent damage. Having your piano damaged can leave you disheartened as well as lead to monetary loss.

When Piano Storage Salt Lake is Necessary

Buying a quality piano can cost a lot of money. Who would wish to lose such an expensive asset? Also, who wouldn’t want their piano to be in perfect shape after being moved? To ensure the utmost safety is taken it is always recommended to hire a moving expert. Professionals, accompanied by their skills, can have the move done in no time and can also prevent any damage to your valuables.

One may question why there is a need for piano storage Salt Lake. Here are a few good reasons:

1. Protection From Weather

Pianos are made of wood, a material that is susceptible to expansion under extreme temperatures. Excessive heat can cause the wood to bloat which can later cause considerable damage to the instrument. Thus, it is immensely important for proper piano storage in a well-protected place, free of moisture and humidity. Also, storing a piano in a metal shed is a bad idea as it can damage the instrument making it useless.

2. Store in a Temperature-Controlled Space

Before bringing a piano home ensure the room is temperature-controlled. Ensure the room is properly ventilated, along with not placing it too close to a window. Direct heat, rain, or drafts will lead to the surface getting bloated, thus destroying the instrument.

3. Dismantle the Stand Before Transit

Often, after moving a piano, one will be shocked to find its legs are severely damaged. Removing the legs before the move and properly covering the piano will be very helpful. Wrapping it with plastic sheets will ensure it is unaffected by the outside temperature.

4. Have Tools Handy

Some pianos can be dismantled before moving them to a new place. This makes it easier to move and saves one from incurring any loss or damage. It is always a good idea to have tools available that may be needed for taking the piano apart, in case you discover that some of the parts need to be removed for the move. Re-assembling the parts can be a huge task, especially if it is being done alone. It is always a great idea to take photographs of the piano before dismantling it so you remember how it goes back together, as sometimes they can be quite complicated to put back together.

It is also a good idea to have a hired professional or friend help you with the re-assembly, as pianos are quite heavy and awkward to work on by yourself. Sometimes the piano may require some re-tuning before use. Having tools on hand can help prevent issues before and after the move of your piano. However, for some people, it is a much better idea to just hire a professional to take care of it all for you. You are then able to focus your time on more important matters during the move.

The above-mentioned points may help you with the move or storage of a piano. Proper planning before a move is going to save you a lot of time, frustration, and potential issues.

When handling one of your most prized possessions, rely on A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage for all your piano storage Salt Lake needs. Call today (801) 328-4796.

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