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Comparing Moving Companies in Salt Lake City

Comparing Moving Companies in Salt Lake City

Moving can be quite a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are moving within the Salt Lake  Valley, across Utah or out of state, finding the right moving company Utah for you is most important. There are many movers in Salt Lake City that have been around for years, have great reputations and provide superb service. These moving companies are the ones you will want to find. Not only will they make your move a more positive experience, but you can know your belongings will arrive in the same condition as you left them. When it comes to choosing a moving company in Utah, you will want to compare moving companies. Here are a few areas you will want to take into consideration when comparing moving companies in Utah:

Top-Rated Moving Company

There are a ton of Utah movers in the Salt Lake Valley and throughout the Wasatch Front. How do you pick one? First, you will want to search for the best or top-rated moving companies in Salt Lake City. Second, you’ll want to compare the companies reviews. Reading about clients experiences with companies will help you know which ones are the best. You will be able to tell with ones are dedicated to the clients, and which companies provide quality of service and respect for your belongings. Third, you’ll want to find out how long the company has been in business. Do they have the experience and stability to make your move the best possible experience? Last, what services & warranties do they provide? Make sure they provide all the necessary documents up front and you know exactly what to expect. They will also provide you with a detailed list of all your items. So, when it’s time to move, you will know your items will be safe and arrive on time whether it is a local move or a long distance move. Out of all the moving companies, make sure you rely on a reputable moving company Utah for all your residential or commercial moves.

Moving & Storage Service

Finding a Moving Company Salt Lake City with Moving and storage service is a plus. This allows you to store items if you are in between homes, downsizing or trying to declutter. Whether you need help with storage, packing or moving, you can trust reputable SLC moving companies with your belongings. Even though buying a home and moving can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming.  With a top moving company, you can rely on their expertise and get the help you need. You can count on professional Utah movers to help every step of the way. Hire a top moving company in Utah that has a vast array of professional moving services available. In addition, moving companies that have been established for many years have the needed experience to make your move a smooth process.

Piano Moving Service

A trusted moving company will understand how important your piano is to you.  In addition, they will take every precaution to ensure the safety of your piano during the move in Salt Lake. Experience and the best piano moving techniques will definitely help keep your piano in the best condition.  Good movers get the highest training possible when moving pianos and stay up on the latest training and techniques. You can count on a plus moving company to move your piano efficiently, carefully and respectfully. They will do their best to keep it safe and make sure it is in the same shape it was before the move.

Innovative Storage Facility

It is so nice to find a moving company that also has short term storage and long term storage. This is an important attribute when searching Salt Lake moving companies because if you are in between homes, downsizing or even need to free up space in your current home, these companies can meet your storage needs.  You will want to find a top of the line storage facility that is climate controlled, clean and air-tight to protect your belongings. The best storage facilities keep your possessions safe as well as give you convenient access when needed. So, if you are in need of storage, make sure your moving company provides that service.

Moving Supply Store

Finding a preferred SLC moving supply company in Utah will help you plan, organize and execute your move.  A company that offers packing, moving services and supplies can help you save time, money and stress. Whether you decide to move yourself or hire professional movers, your belongings will be packed carefully and will be safe during the move. When it comes to choosing a Salt Lake City moving company, the more experienced movers will help keep your belongings and cherished memories safe. These companies will carry bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, and quality packing tape. If you need help packing, they will have moving & packaging supplies available if needed.


When it comes to choosing one of the many moving companies in Utah, you can’t go wrong if you choose A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage in SLC. With over 50 years of moving and storage experience, you know you are in safe hands. A1 Pioneer has won numerous awards and handled thousands of successful moves for residents of Salt Lake City, Utah.   For more information about our moving services, Give us a call today at  (801) 328-4796


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