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Finding The Right Storage Company

Finding The Right Storage Company

Moving & Storage Company Salt Lake City

If you’re remodeling, moving or need extra space to store your stuff, a storage unit is a great option. With a storage unit, you can safely store your belongings until you need them again. With all the different types of storage units, it can be difficult to pick the right storage company and type of unit for your needs. 

Whether your new home isn’t quite ready, or you are trying to prep your current home to sell, A1 Pioneer can help you store your belongings. Our storage solutions provide a flexible option when you are in-between homes and have moving schedule challenges. Your belongings will be kept secure in our convenient storage facilities during the moving process. We will keep them on-site until you are ready to move into your new home. No matter if you plan to pack yourself or have us do it, we can assist you with tips and any supplies.


Temporary Or Long Term Storage 

Full-Service storage is one of the most convenient trends that hit the storage industry more recently. Although A1 Pioneer does not offer this, we do store your belongings in large crates or pods for as long as you need. When it’s time to retrieve your items we can easily locate and deliver it to you.


The Best Specialty Storage Units

Specialty storage units are a good fit if you have something fragile or very specific to store. These storage units are a good option if your item is extremely sensitive to changes in temperature, or something large. These specialty units are definitely created for the safety of your stored items. You can also rent a commercial storage unit that is available for business owners. Whether you need specialty storage or general storage we have the right space for you. 


Top Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

A climate-controlled storage unit is designed to control humidity levels and keep your storage unit at a set temperature. They are usually an indoor storage unit. In some cases, large companies will offer outdoor climate-controlled units. Climate controlled units are a great option if you want to protect items from cold, heat, moisture. These items are typically wood furniture, antiques, wine or paintings. It’s a major pro when you can have peace of mind knowing your special items are safe.


Rely On A Salt Lake City Moving & Storage Company

Find a moving company that has short term storage, as well as long term storage, is very convenient and important. Whether you are in-between homes, downsizing or need to declutter in your current home we can help. Our Salt Lake City moving company can help you with storage in our state of the art storage facility. Our units are completely secure, clean, air-tight and climate-controlled to protect your items. A1 Pioneer storage facilities in Salt Lake City will keep your belongings safe until needed.  No matter if you need a large storage unit or a small storage unit, our salt lake city storage facility has space.  

With our great reviews, customer satisfaction, and top Salt Lake storage facility, A-1 Pioneer Moving & Storage is committed to providing the help you need. So, when it’s time to move and you need storage or help moving, contact A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage. You will be sure to find the right storage company that fits your moving needs. Contact us today at (801) 328-4796.

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