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Hiring Movers? Most Frequently Asked Moving Questions

Hiring Movers? Most Frequently Asked Moving Questions

Moving can be overwhelming, stressful and to be honest, sometimes you just don’t know where to start. whether you are moving to Utah soon or just across town, you probably have a bunch of questions. As one of the local movers, we’ve been able to come up with a list of the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully our answers and moving tips can help you with some of your own questions about moving.

Do I need to empty drawers? 

Yes, we ask that all the content be removed from dresser drawers, cabinets, desks, and any other furniture with drawers. Sometimes there are exceptions to the rule, but normally we want all clothing, loose items, etc. out of all the drawers, especially if they are fragile or valuable. We often encourage clients to keep their furniture as light as possible for a quick move. We also want your furniture to stay intact and your drawers to open like they did before the move. When furniture gets too heavy it increases the likelihood of injuries or damage occurring. We do our best to keep your furniture at it’s best- so we empty it and wrap it tight!.

What is the best way to protect a mattress during a move?

We use a mattress bag or the mattresses in protected with shrink wrap.  For a long distance move our movers will use a cardboard mattress carton. It is also important for professional movers to know how to best handle the move of a mattress. For example, certain mattresses need to lay flat while most other mattresses can stay upright. Mattresses are expensive and need to be handled properly. So let the professional movers handle the big stuff since they know the best way to move it.

What is the best way to label boxes?

The best way to label moving boxes is to label each box with the destination room on it. We recommend not only writing the appropriate room name but also writing the contents on the side. That way you know where your most important items are and can easily find them when it’s time to unpack. When storing items for later use, you can write storage, basement or attic, and then write the content name like “Easter décor. ” We have found the more information you put on the label the better. To easily find your belongings, we encourage clients to write the room and contents on both the top and side of boxes/totes.

What does PBO stand for?

PBO is a standard term used in the moving world that means Packed By Owner. These boxes are packed by our customers vs. what the moving company packs also known as Carrier Packed. In many of our moves, there is a combination of both Carrier and PBO which is what we call great teamwork!

What is the best way to handle a mounted TV?

Our moving company is equipped to dismount televisions from the wall, whether the bracket is removed or not. If we remove the bracket, it’s important to remember the wall will need to be patched. Once we dismount the TV it is professionally wrapped and protected by a moving pad and/or large carton box. It is also good to know most moving companies are not able to rehang the TV due to insurance liability and will often refer this to a third party. 

How do you pack fragile items or dishes?

From experience, we’ve found the best way to pack fragile items and dishes is to use dish packs. What’s great about these boxes is they are already marked fragile, they are twice as thick as standard boxes and they have arrows pointing up. Professional movers will recognize these boxes and know how to best handle them. In other words, they know to handle them with care and they won’t be loading any heavy boxes or furniture on them! When packing your dishes, a great tip to remember is to wrap them in paper and then place them in a box vertically like loading a dishwasher. This will lower the chance of breakage and disperse the weight.

What happens during inclement weather?

Since no one can control the weather, we do our best to take all measures into consideration. We’ve had many successful moves in the rain and snow. Our highly skilled moving team knows how to best properly pack and protect your furniture and valuables while moving in the rain, snow, or hail. We also make sure to protect your home and provide plenty of floor protection and wear booties when needed. We also stay up to date with the national weather advisory and follow guidelines if we ever experience a state of an emergency. During heavy snowfall we make sure we stay in contact with our customers and keep them updated on any changes.  No matter what the weather is like, you can trust that A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage will make sure you have a safe move.

What’s the best way to move hanging clothes?

We find the best way to move hanging clothes is to use wardrobe boxes. Each box has about 2 feet of hanging room and makes it an easy transition from one closet to the next. You may choose to pack the wardrobe boxes yourself the day before or the moving crew can easily put your clothes into the boxes on moving day. What’s nice about these boxes is there is room at the bottom for light items like a comforter, miscellaneous items, or shoes. Once at your new home, we’ll bring the boxes into the designated bedrooms and let the customer unload and put away the clothes.

Will I need to be present for the move?

Yes, we recommend having someone at the start and the destination on moving day. It is not a problem if you need to leave during the day. However, we ask that someone is present for the final walkthrough at the original location and at destination. The final walkthrough at origin ensures all your belongings have been packed and moved. On the other hand, having someone at the final destination will help us with furniture replacement as well as checking for damage or missing items. However, the likelihood of lost or damaged items is highly unlikely!

Hire the best local movers for a stress free move

Whether it’s a local move or a long-distance move, together we can make sure you have a wonderful experience with your next move. Whether you decide to hire local movers or need a long-distance moving company, give A-1 Pioneer Moving and Storage a call today. We are a full-service local and long-distance moving company with storage capabilities as well. You can reach your local movers in Salt Lake City at (801) 328-4796. For more helpful advice and tips please visit our moving tips page. We look forward to moving with you!


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