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Movers Utah – The Real Costs Of Moving Without Them

The Real Costs Of Moving Without Movers in Utah

Our lives are always filled with hellos and goodbyes.

Sometimes, we’ll meet new friends and at other times, say goodbye to old ones. We constantly get to say hello to new experiences and if fortunate, say goodbye to sad times. All these series of ups, downs, rights, and lefts ascertain us of one thing in this world – nothing is permanent.

Not even our homes.

We constantly change our residences – be it for the purpose of work, school, or other important matters that require relocation. If we could, bringing our entire house with us would make things a whole lot easier. But then again, that’s just impossible.

If you’ve had several experiences with moving houses before, then you might already know that there are generally two ways you can move the contents of your old home to your new one – either do it yourself or hire the movers Salt Lake City.

But hey, you’re the type of guy who likes to take charge of your own destiny so you like to take matters into your own hands. Thus, you do the move yourself. Nothing like your old pick-up truck to do the trick – right?

If you’ve gone through the experience already, having this same thought, then you must’ve already learned the real costs of moving out by yourself the hard way. For those who are lucky enough to have found this article before they even began their “DIY Moving-Out Operation,” you better read up.

The Real Costs of Moving Out Without Utah Movers 

  1. You’re Being Counterproductive

I’m not saying that moving out is the least of your concerns (it is important, after all), but there could be things or tasks you could’ve attended to that are way more important. Say, you took a leave off work for three whole days to make time for the move. Three days is more than enough time for the paperwork to pile up. By the time you get back to work (already exhausted because of the move), a mountain-load of documents are already waiting for you on your work desk.

Wouldn’t it have been a more practical move to hire someone else to do the muscle work and you just keep on doing your own thing? Not to mention, you’ve wasted a couple of leave credits you could’ve tucked away for your next grand vacation.


  1. You’re Risking Injury due to Moving

Doing a move yourself also puts your own health at risk. On top of risking your body to fatigue or muscle stress, you also risk your body to more immediate dangers such as cuts, bruises, and other physical lesions that may result from unprecedented accidents.


  1. You’re Risking Damage To Your Property

Larger and more fragile pieces of furniture need special equipment to move out. Glass furniture, pianos, and ceramic decorations, for example, cannot be carelessly pulled into the back of a truck and roughly delivered to the relocation site. By the time you get to your destination, your property would probably be – trashed.


If a move is in your future, let A-1 Pioneer handle it. We will take all the stress and headache out of the moving process. Rely on the top movers Utah has to offer. Call today for all your moving & storage needs (801) 997-9976.

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