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Moving a Piano Requires Professional Help

Moving a Piano Requires Professional Help

Packing and Moving a Piano Requires Professional Help

Moving is stressful. No matter how far you are going or how much packing you have finished, moving causes physical and emotional stress. When you add bulky and fragile items, the anxiety just burgeons. Pianos are such delicate yet bulky items that need lots and lots of extra care while relocating. Even when you are trying to move a piano down a flight of stairs, you have to be super careful with the edges, the keys, and the turns.

Proper planning is always the beginning of a satisfactory moving venture. If you have no experience in moving heavy and fragile objects, a DIY attempt may prove to be hazardous as many things can go wrong. With items such as heavy boxes, glassware in bubble wrap, and lampshades, we know you can wing it. When it is something like a piano, the real struggle begins.

What Does a Professional do Differently?

When you call for a professional mover like A1 Pioneer Moving and Storage, they start from scratch. Their team has extensive moving experience from their everyday work. They also have special training in wrapping and packing things for ultimate safety during long journeys.

  • For the same reason, we know that a box or bubble wrap will have a little protective effect on a piano. We have the proper state of the art equipment to load and unload delicate items, including musical instruments.
  • Without using force we gently bring the piano down or up the stairs. We do not employ more force than is necessary to lift and wedge pianos. Our team knows how valuable they can be (both monetarily and sentimentally) to its owner.
  • We use dollies, blanket wraps, shrink wraps, and more equipment to move your piano safely. A1 Pioneer Moving and Storage offers Valuation Protection on piano moving and any other damage that is possible to the surrounding area during the move. You can learn more about the safety guarantee right here https://a1pioneer.com.

On moving day, you can always expect our team to be there on time. We arrive with all the tools your piano will need. Our teams can take charge of the wrapping, lifting and moving, while you can just ponder over the new interior decor of your new place.

We Can Help You with Added Safety Measures!

There are times when our clients ask us for advice about piano storage. It usually happens when they are downsizing. In such cases, you may decide to store pianos in rental storage units. Pianos in storage units need extra care to protect them from pests, dust, dirt, and moisture. If you need help with temporary storage, we can provide additional careful packing that your piano needs to maintain its tune.

We always advise our clients to tune their piano at least after three weeks of moving to a new location. The time allows the instrument to adjust to the atmosphere. The tuning attempts are often successful after the piano acclimates to the new space. Everything you need to know about safely moving a piano is right here https://a1pioneer.com/piano-safe-moving/.

For more advice on moving a piano or storage, call A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage (801) 328-4796. You can rely on us for all your moving & storage needs.

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