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Moving & The Coronavirus: We Can Still Move You!

Moving & The Coronavirus: We Can Still Move You!

During the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, moving can be stressful and worrisome. After all, we really don’t know the full extent of how the coronavirus outbreak will affect moving services long term. As clients and owners, it can be hard to avoid thinking whether or not we can still hire movers or if we can still operate as usual.

Are Moving Companies Still Operating?

The answer is yes. So far we have not seen any notices regarding shutdowns of any moving services among major moving companies. So far, decisions about closing may be left to individual moving company owners. If your family or business has already scheduled your move, you can assume your moving company is still operating unless told otherwise. Just to be sure, call to confirm your move.

Many people are  worried about moving during an epidemic. If you haven’t scheduled movers for your upcoming move, it’s hard to say what will be available in the future. For now, continue to research top moving companies and ask directly what they are doing to keep clients safe.

Movers & COVID-19: Why Can They Still Operate?

Moving companies are considered essential services in the state of Utah. Meaning, they are in line with important institutions such as hospitals and pharmacies that are deemed necessary during this time. They are able to operate during emergencies like COVID-19. More importantly, moving companies can help provide transportation support.

Furthermore, this means movers in the Salt Lake area can continue providing services to their clients. Moving companies that continue to operate should have guidelines that help explain how they are protecting their clients during the moving process.

Protecting Clients During Moving & The Coronavirus Outbreak

Moving companies like A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage are providing preventative services during the COVID-19 pandemic. All of our provided services and protocols are following guidelines from the local authorities, World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The following precautions are being taken to protect our clients from COVID-19 during each move:

As a moving company, we’re required to travel and do business in different locations. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we need to verify with local authorities if we’re allowed to operate in a particular city or state.

Policies To Help Stop The Spread of COVID-19. 

  • If you are interested in acquiring our services, please call us to confirm we are able to provide services in your area. 
  • In addition to checking in with us, it also helps to clarify with your homeowners Association, builder, or building management company to see if there are any moving restrictions. It’s a good idea to check on regulations at least a week prior to your move, and update your moving company with any changes as soon as possible.
  •  If moving out of state, please take into consideration the regulations of your destination state. Local authorities have quarantined some cities and states. This temporary situation can cause limitations to essential services and what we can do. 
  • We advise our employees and clients to follow proper social distancing and sanitation practices. A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage wants to ensure the safety of our clients and employees, while providing a comfortable move. Our top priority is to keep our employees and clients safe during the Coronavirus outbreak. We also feel it is our responsibility to help individuals to follow safe practices to avoid contracting and spreading COVID-19 during a move. Here are some of our safety tips:
  • We advise employees and clients to follow safety protocol and instruction from health authorities. These include not touching your face and scrubbing your hands multiple times a day with warm water; for at least 20 seconds. 
  • We ask clients and movers to interact as little as possible to maintain social distancing, and to refrain from any physical contact. For added safety, we also recommend hand washing before and after any interaction. 
  • We also encourage clients to sign documents electronically, and to communicate by phone or online video calls. This will help maintain safety throughout the moving process.

Rely On The Top Moving Company To Keep You Safe

We have added increased safety and sanitation measures during the Coronavirus outbreak. As service providers, we have to make sure we follow the safety standards set by local authorities. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented increased safety  measures and protocols set by health authorities to keep our clients safe:

  • We’ve implemented our own social distancing strategies. This avoids having multiple employees in one place
  • All non-essential employees and office personnel are working from home. Our movers will be the only staff on-site to initiate moves.
  • Our moving team is constantly staying updated on the COVID-19 virus daily; including new policies and procedures.
  • We have also implemented new sanitation protocols to ensure our offices and trucks remain clean. This includes disinfecting and sanitizing equipment twice a day. We have also equipped our home estimators and movers with masks, boots, gloves, and sanitizer. 

Moving & The Coronavirus: We can still move you!

Due to our client’s concerns about safety, we will postpone and reschedule services upon request. There will not be any additional charges for this service. In addition, there is no obligation for scheduling a move and clients may cancel at any time. Even though operations have changed drastically with moving & Coronavirus, it doesn’t mean we have to stop moving. As an essential service, we would like to make sure we get everyone’s transportation needs met.  Regardless of a residential move, commercial move or a business office move, your move matters. As long as our local government allows moving companies to operate, we’ll be taking the necessary precautions to keep you safe. When it comes time to choose a local moving company for your next move, rely on A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage. Give us a call today at (801) 328-4796. We can get through these tough times together!

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