Piano Moving Made Easy

by | Feb 4, 2018 | House Moving

Piano Moving and Safe Moving

A lot of households have no worries about the safekeeping of their valuable items and documents.  This is because they already have a safe or vault. Also, it is not a rarity to find a spinet, upright piano, grand piano, and the like in households. These items are very heavy. In the event of a relocation or a move, it takes specially trained movers for piano moving and also safe and vault moving.

Some vaults are built-in or installed in the walls of homes.  They require special skills to have them carefully removed. The piano, on the other hand, is delicate in many respects and must be handled as such. It is, therefore, important to scout for a Moving and Removal company that renders services for the removal of vaults as well as piano moving.

Cost of Safe Moving

These kinds of services have special costs that depend on a lot of things. For instance, the removal and moving of a vault is paid for according to its size. Therefore, the removal and moving of a 200lb safe would not cost as much as a 400lb vault. The movers who have been trained to perform these kinds of tasks also make use of furniture dollies to make the move easier. These furniture dollies are used to move heavy furniture from homes. Also, depending on the size of the furniture, the movers may require the need for more than one dolly. Naturally, this would attract more cost.

When moving, heavy items such as a piano and vault are gaged by their weight and size. This would determine the number of movers that would be assigned to remove them. A 200lb vault may only require a single mover. In addition,  a 600lb vault may require a team of three movers and probably two dollies for this task. Hence, it is pertinent to inform the Moving and Storage company of the weight of these items. This will ensure the movers are fully prepared and equipped.

Hiring a Professional Moving Company

It is also very important to research and find out if the contacted Moving company has trained movers. Movers who cannot only remove and move vaults but can also guarantee their safe and secure move to a new location.  Equally important,  a perfect and satisfactory installation of them. This is more important for the piano because of its delicate nature and its massive size.

As always advised, a budget should be made when there is a need to move. This budget should be structured based on the size and weight of these heavy items. Similarly,  as well as the distance to which they would be transported. Also, in the eventual case that more than one mover or furniture dolly is required for this move, a budget has been prepared to cater for this.

When it comes to safe and vault removal as well as piano moving, don’t take a chance. Rely on A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage for all your safe moving, piano moving, vault moving, and storage needs. Call today (801) 328-4796.