Safeguarding Sensitive Items When Moving From One Office to Another

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Corporate Relocation, Moving Protection

Compared to moving from one residence to another, moving from an office into another office is very delicate and must be carried out with care and caution. This is for no other reason other than the fact that offices contain vital documents, sensitive information, private documents, and so on. Moving from an office to another, therefore, requires care and caution as it may be fatal for the employee(s), who if while moving, somehow any of these documents containing vital information is misplaced or destroyed. In addition to that, offices usually contain delicate equipment such as printers, desktops, laptops, photocopiers, and so on that need to be packaged, handled, and moved with care.

First off, when planning to move from an office, there has to be, as always, a budget prepared to meet the needs of the removal and the move. This budget should be created based on how many employees and their personal effects are being moved, the distance between the location of the current office, and the location of the new office. As always advised, it is better to overestimate a budget to avoid sudden expenses that may be difficult to cater for.

Secondly, find an accredited Moving and Removal Company that specially caters to office and commercial moving. This means that the company and its team fully understand the sensitivity of the items being moved, and ensure and guarantee the safety of these items.

The next step would be to prepare ahead for the moving day. Preparations for such moves should be done painstakingly in order to avoid a misplacement or loss of important items. Therefore, important documents should be arranged in folders in which they are relevant. This is basically a grouping of documents in folders to make it easier to find them when settled into a new office. In addition to that, in the event that it is more than one employee or department that is being moved, these folders should be grouped according to each department they belong to, and more preferably, in separate boxes. It is also important to reduce the number of items being moved by separating the irrelevant items from the relevant ones. Unimportant and stale documents, equipments, or books should be shredded, burned, or disposed of. This would reduce the cost of the move and also remove the possibility of moving unimportant items. When packing, objects that may destroy documents such as ink, glue, etc. should be packed separately. This would prevent any accidental destruction of vital effects from occurring.

Finally, office equipment such as printers, computers, photocopiers, and so on, should be packed securely to keep them safe during the move. When all of these have been done, the Moving and Removal company may then be contacted to safely move the office and its employee(s) to the new location of the office according to plan.