The Ultimate Guide for Stress-Free Moving – What You Should Know!

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Auto Transports

Many people prefer packing and moving on their own. Packing your belongings may not sound like much, but when you are in a time-crunch, even moving to the next-door apartment can become extremely stressful. There are quite a few things you can do to make your move less stressful and more productive.

Take Time to Pack

The rule of thumb is one room per day. You need this time to purge the apartment of unwanted knickknacks and pack the necessary items securely. Take time to ensure that you complete this process in your old home so that unpacking does not involve any sorting in your new home.

Take Measurements

Measure your new home in advance. There is nothing worse than moving into your new place and discovering the lack of space for your favorite cabinet or sectional sofa. Planning in advance can save you a lot of money and effort after moving.

Consult a Moving Company

You should not hire the first moving company you find on the Yellow Pages or from a random advertisement. You need to thoroughly research their services and their reputation before you hire them. Check their reviews and testimonials. Verify their ratings on business directories like Yelp. will tell you all you need to know about hiring an excellent packing and moving service company.

Packing the Non-Breakables

You can always wrap non-breakables like books, containers, and canned goods by yourself. Use sturdy boxes for bulky items. Mix things up a bit. Add books to boxes of woolens and clothing to spread the weight out a bit. You can get plenty of cheap but quality boxes off eBay or Craigslist for packing.

Packing the Breakables

Leave the packaging of your breakable items, including your electronics, to your packers and movers. has all the experience of packing fragile things that one can find inside a home. Your precious chandeliers and dinnerware will be safe in the hands of trained and experienced packing services like A1 Pioneer. Always remove bulbs from lighting fixtures before you carefully wrap the fixtures.

Label Your Boxes

Labeling your boxes has two crucial advantages –

  • Labels will help you distinguish the fragile items from the non-breakable ones while you are moving. You can never go wrong with stacking and storage once you know which ones contain delicate and breakable items.
  • It will help you prioritize unpacking after moving. For example, you will need towels, bedclothes, and a change of clothes immediately after relocating. Having labels on your boxes will eliminate the need for opening each one to find what you need.

Do Not Unpack Your Dressers

People who move by themselves prefer to unwrap clothing items for the ease of moving. When you hire professional movers, they can move your closet and armoire with their contents inside. It saves a lot of packing and unpacking time. It also saves space during moving.

Most good packers and movers supply free boxes for help in moving. Find out what you will need to make your upcoming relocation easier at the A1 Pioneer website right now!