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When it comes to moving house, there is nothing worse than having to rush through the process. It can be stressful and may not be the most fun experience you can ever have. But with proper planning and preparation, you can go a long way while making the entire activity bearable.

If you’ve tried moving, you can’t deny there can be ups and downs during the process. There are great moments, and there are frustrations. But, there are also plenty of ways to make your move a whole lot smoother and easier. Here are some moving tips to make it a more pleasant and less stressful experience.

Seek Help with Packing or Unpacking Process

It’s time to call in favors. A great moving tip is to seek help from your friends and family and get that final box wrapped up or unpacked. Nothing compares to the elation quite like having the last item parceled up or undone. Whether it’s a small cupboard piece or bulky furniture, there’s no feeling quite like finishing the packing or setting these items in place.

Have your Furniture Delivered Days Ahead of Your Move

Not everything will go as planned. Factors such as heavy traffic or bad weather on moving day, while foreseeable, may be inevitable, can cause considerable setbacks. Anticipate delays or any unforeseen hitches by having the heavy stuff delivered to your new place ahead of moving day. Especially in Utah winters, or winters almost anywhere in the Western states, traffic and weather can make moves more difficult.

Keep the Utilities Up-to-Date

Put in the time to do research on the utility companies of the place where you intend to move. Contact them regarding your intent to subscribe. If you fail to get in touch with these companies ahead of time, you’ll be glad to know most providers can get you set in just a couple of days after notice. Also, call your current energy provider or water company and keep them up-to-date with your connections, informing them of your anticipated move out. Often, you can schedule a shut-off of your services a few days after your move.

Don’t Stress Out over the Small Things

While ideally, you’d want everything to be smooth and convenient, not everything will be as perfectly positioned as you’d hope them to be. You can expect that more things will not go as planned. Pay no mind to the minor hitches and don’t worry or stress too much. Keep an attitude up that seeks to problem solve.

Contact a Cleaner

Leave your current place neat and clean. This is especially true if you’re moving out from a rented place. It’s common courtesy, to your lessor and the next occupant. With a cleaner’s help, you can focus on your move. If hiring a cleaner is not an option, you can clean one room at a time as you pack your things. Clean up ahead of time so you don’t have to do everything at once on moving day.

Get in Touch with the Professional Moving Company

The greatest of all moving tips is to hire a professional moving company. Make things easier and more convenient by calling professional movers. Moving becomes less stressful if you arrange for help. There is nothing worse than missing things on your checklist or rushing through the moving process. With our assistance, we can help you beat these challenges.

At A1 Pioneer Moving, we are dedicated to your comfort and convenience. We will ensure that the whole moving process will be as smooth and stress-free as possible. Moving may not be a fun process, but we will do our best to make the whole experience smooth and relaxing for you. For more moving tips, call A1 Pioneer Moving & Storage today (801) 328-4796.

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