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Why Hire a Moving & Storage Company

Why Hire a Moving & Storage Company

Nothing is worse than having to move. Well maybe having to pack, move and store your own stuff.  It saved our family so much time and hassle when we hired a professional moving & storage company. The last time our family moved all we had to do was get our house ready to sell, and the moving crew came and packed our home in one day.  It saved our family weeks of packing our selves when we hired a professional moving & storage company. It made our move so much easier and less stressful.

Benefits of Hiring a Moving & Storage Company

One of the reasons we hired a Moving & Storage Company was when we moved to Utah, we needed temporary storage while we found a home. In the meantime, we lived in an apartment and had the moving company hold our belongings for a month. We didn’t have to unload our stuff into a storage unit and then unload it again one month later. They kept our belongings on a truck and only unloaded it one time. I thought it was a fantastic answer to our problem. It makes moving and storing your belongings so easy and we didn’t stress a thing. Here are a few more reasons why I would hire a moving & storage company when it comes time to move.

Moving & Packing Services

One of the biggest perks of hiring a moving company is the packing services. Today, many companies offer moving services as well as packing services. Packing every single item in your house is certainly doable, but it can be daunting and overwhelming. And who really has the time to pack? Why not hire someone to bubble wrap, pack and move all your stuff into a truck while you dream of decorating your new place? Yes, please!

Save Your Back- Let Them Do The Heavy Lifting

Moving everything into the truck is only the first part. You still have to get all your treasures into your new home. Oh, and don’t forget about all the unpacking you get to do after moving, lifting and pushing everything into your new home. This is the part where everyone loses steam and eventually will get to all the boxes. Let’s be honest, sometimes unpacking actually takes years to completely do. So, save your back, and leave the bending down, unpacking, and awkward moving to the professional moving companies. After all, it’s not worth breaking your back over.

They Have The Right Tools & Training

Besides an impressive pair of arms, what do movers really need? Well, actually a lot more. All your bed frames need to be disassembled and they will all need to be put back together at one point. You’ll need the wrenches and screwdrivers and don’t forget, someone who knows how to properly lift. Any Hutches, armoires, or sofas can be awkward to move and hard to get up and down stairs. Having the right equipment, like a dolly or straps will make the move so much easier. Knowing the best way to move things will also save accidents from happening and keep your stuff from being damaged.  Many moving companies also provide blankets, shrink wrap to protect all your belongings. Trust me, grandma’s old hutch will be safe and sound.

Why Hire a Professional Moving & Storage Company? They Save You Time

Let’s talk about the time it takes to move. Perhaps you have a lot of nice neighbors and family that will help in your move. If you don’t have access to free labor and endless Saturdays, why not change an unpleasant chore into a relaxing no-hassle experience? With professional movers, you can watch them orchestrate a well planned moving day while you start decorating. Overall, they will save you from taking additional days off from work and moving every Saturday for weeks. If you happen to hate moving and want to keep your friends, look to A1 Pioneer, the top moving & storage company in Salt Lake City.  We can plan, execute and schedule your move when it’s convenient for you. Not only can we move your valuables, but we can also store them until they are needed. Give us a call today for your free moving quote at (801) 328-4796.


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